Spring 01

On Learning

Clouds of Unknowing
accumulate. Suddenly
a lightning bolt strikes.

A distich

Empathy quickens when mind is creative and heeding wise ratios
that balance necessity’s force with fickle fortune’s caprice.


and anomie are falsely
seen as synonyms.

About the God of the Gnostics

Hello A-nomos!
Not the law’s absence but its
inversion rules now.

Biased comparison

The poets [and even more so the critics] love their
own mind while philosophers
tend to prefer God’s.

Lacanian Signification

An idol of sorts
will not be moved to repent
its own trans-gression.

Short Dialogue


Your mind, tumescent,
inflicts contusions on those
who hope you can heal.


The credulous want
to be deceived by cheap means
and I, Lacan, win.

A Triad in the Sequel

Lessons: Pre-Lacanian
loci communes:

Desire and drive
collide until the logos
re-forms man’s measure.

Desire and drive
recombine when the word is
received by the mind.

The signified is
plain to the ear which sorts the
noise from the message.

Exhortation by the foreman of the Jury

Remember friends that
the signified’s delights please
more than signs foretell.

Anti-Lacan Manifesto

Gnosis you betray Pistis
Sophia and truth.

Audi Filia

Information is
negentropic. So is talk
in cyberspace key.

Form is the Law of
Life and in each human soul
Resides the Measure.


Leda’s swan sports two
Sets of wings. One to constrain
And one to fly high.

One rape: double twins.
Castor and Pollux. Helen
and Klytemnestra.

Ignominy is
Glory’s other face, as joy
is of deep sorrow.