Elfie S. Raymond, PhD.

Campbell Professor in the Humanities

Advanced degrees from the Sorbonne and the University of Vienna in Classics and in Philosophy. Post-doctoral Fulbright Exchange Scholar at Columbia University; recipient of research grants from the Ford Foundation, the Hewlett-Mellon Foundation and the National Endowment for the Humanities. Scholar-in-residence at Northwestern University, Graduate Theological Union Seminary at Berkeley, the Institute for Reformation History at the University of Zurich, and Reader at the Folger Shakespeare Library in Washington.- For her work on the national screening committee for graduate study Fulbright grants abroad, the Institute for International Education honored Elfie Raymond with the Distinguished Service Award.

In 1993, the REALIA Philosophy Institute appointed Elfie Raymond as advisor to the board. She is the author of philosophic studies and essays, book critic for the journal Contemporary Philosophy, and seminar associate of the Columbia University Seminar on Studies in Religion. Ever since Elfie Raymond joined the Sarah Lawrence faculty, she has been teaching writing seminars in Philosophy, Classical Rhetoric, and the History of Hermeneutics.

Ten years ago, Elfie Raymond helped establish the Senior Seminar in the Humanities. This program pioneered the College’s series of Senior Seminars and has earned renown by its focus on distinguished humanistic scholarship. Many of her students have gone on to careers of note as scholars, lawyers, poets, writers, anthropologists, designers, scientists and, yes, philosophers. Invited to the 20th World Congress of Philosophy in Boston in August 1998, Elfie Raymond participated in debates on philosophy’s new tasks in the age of global inter-communication. The Campbell Corner initiative that aims to link philosophy and poetry at the heart of the humanities is a result of far reaching communication workshops at the World Congress.

At the 40th REALIA Conference in Bretton Woods, NH, August 2000, REALIA’s Institute for Advanced Philosophic Research awarded Elfie S. Raymond the Alfred E. Koenig Memorial Award in recognition of her fact-based, learned, open-minded contributions, her service as editor and advisor to REALIA’s journal Contemporary Philosophy, and for her loyalty to Philosophy’s Socratic role in humanistic education.