Studies in Rhetoric

  • Courts of Law, Courts of Love: Judicial Rhetoric at Work and Play
  • Equity and Equality: Rhetoric in the Service of Jurisprudence
  • The Spirit(s) of Comedy: Aristophanes’ Legacy in Modern Times

Studies in Hermeneutics

  • Revelation as Mystery and the Language of Riddles
  • Philosophy and Poetry: Conflicts and Symbiosis
  • On the Calculus of Metaphysical Predicates

Philosophy of History

  • Conscience, Contract, Covenant: From Scriptural Sources to Modern Federalism
  • History and Identity: political and psychological understandings of the One and the Many

History of Philosophy

  • From Brahma to Existence: a Narrative of Recurrences

Classical and Modern Philosophy

  • The Mind of the Presocratics
  • The Elegant Universe : Then and Now
  • Hellenistic Therapy of the Word
  • Old Texts, New Skills: Plato and the Cyber Age
  • Philosophic Foundations of the Scientific Method
  • Nature, Mind, and Knowledge in Ancient Greece (2002/03)
  • The Marriage of Wisdom and Eloquence (2000/01)
  • Plato’s Theory of Knowledge (2001/02)
  • Looking Awry at the Philosophical Essay (2002/03)
  • Reading Plato from Up Close (2003/04)
  • SCIENCE: Pros and Cons (2004/05)
  • On the Origins and History of the Scientific Method (2004/05)