Les petits riens


Husband charisma’s
Gifts. Nobody else can do
It. Solicitude.

MicroSoft features
A Global Template without
Content. Providence.
Philia’s Wedding

She smiles at ease while
Walking on his side: Strings cut
Knots can now be tied.

Catch 22

Self-knowledge is best!
Is there a self one could know
Not knowing knowledge?


All are co-workers;
Thoughts, words and acts, woof and warp.
Time’s loom moves swifter.


Is the philosophers’ coin
That buys time for talk.


Self- acceptance is
Not easy. You may prefer
Self-love and/or hate.


Socrates, I grasp
Your teaching. Words and thoughts are
But penultimate.


A Helios Air
Plane-crash in Grammaticos:
Is this a symbol?
(NYT report of 8/14/05)


I am not ashamed
To believe in the soul and
Know ‘self’ as synonym.


When to suspend the
Use of the apostrophe?
Two crucial questions.
Do you dream dreams,
Or dreams dream you? Please do not
Ask foolish questions.


Ask foolish questions
Knowing you are in the best
Of all companies.


By not getting
What you want you become who you
Are: time permitting.


What did the goat do
To deserve to be punished for
Human Sins’ excess?


The goat is blameless.
Blaming it for any wrong
Increases evil.


Blaming the scapegoat
Is a sin hidden that
Cries for atonement.

(These three haiku’s plain sense lies hidden by its plainness. To give them a title would detract from the ability to just read.)

Oedipus, we know
Why you went blind but not what
You saw when eyeless.

4 stanzas on a vexation:

The difference between
That and This is infinite.
Please go, see below:
Billy Graham said
On Larry King’s show God loves
Satan. That’s tough love.

On Larry King’s show
Billy Graham said God loves
Satan. This is true.
To find what ‘This’ and
‘That’ points to depends on
The Interpreter.

Where Dearth is, I’m
Not. Where I am, Death is not.
Thanks Epicurus.

The body is a
Friend; its functions do sustain,
Not humiliate.

Getting to the point
Is different from getting it.
Points are elusive.

Thought’s language, mind you,
Is public and personal.

(Never complain and
Never explain if you want
To go and think truly)

Language helps thinking;
It also ensnares the swift
Wings of your free soul.

“It pours when it rains”
The first ‘it’ may point to salt,
The second stays vague.

Intellect does not
Thrive in childish Never lands’
Crude self-promotions.

The west is best is
A rhyme, not a fact. Judgments
Can be mistaken.

Verum doceo atque
Causas latentes.

(I teach to search for
Truth and hidden causes.)

Thoughts accommodate
To seventeen syllables
Once they become clear.

The greatest idea
Is apocatastasis:
Origen’s brain child:

All are forgiven
In eternity. Divine
Justice deals mercy.

Moral accounting
Robs the heart’s divine power.
It cannot forgive.

To lack politesse
Is impolitic but true
Of politicians.

The wretched of the
Earth are its salvation when
They get their fair chance.

The wretched of the
Earth are its salvation. Why
Refuse them a chance?

To think about the
Covenant is presumption.
Not to think is sin.

Convention rules. To
Challenge is risky; not to
Do so is lethal.

TV turns science
Into Voodoo. Black magic
Invades the blind mind.

A mild stroke can not
Be mild enough. O mildness!
Forgotten virtue.

Every heart beat knocks
On heaven’s door wondering
When will it open?

Trinitas Sancta:
Nascor ex Deo.
Morior in Christo. Per
Spiritum vivo.

(Holy Trinity:
Born from God I (we) die
In Christ and forever live
By Holy Spirit.)

(This statement is adapted from the medieval tomb stone inscription:
Ex Deo nascimur – In Christo morimur – per Spiritum Sanctum reviviscimus.
The content of the statement is the same regardless of whether the grammatical subject is “I” or “We”.)

The simple truth is
That WW III started

Leporello did
Only record numbers, not
Names, of the Don’s prey