Haiku ~ 2004

Discreet language is
Tactful and fosters habits
Of thinking free thoughts.

Dance arabesques move
Across voids where time’s rapids
Forever stand still.

One does not have to
Say a lot to say a lot.
Saying less is more.

Die Setzung ist die
Satzung. Der Streit ist zwischen
Der Not and dem Recht.

(The Sentence is the
Law. Need and Right are locked in
Warfare constantly.)

Goethe’s elves do not
Judge. They carry afflictions
With grace and ease.

What is a good name
For a dog with six legs?
Say “Supercortemaggiore”.

Fantasy may look
Autonomous. Really.
Reality chuckles.

Imaginings fail
To perceive their own flaws.
Vanity’s blind spots.

Ultimaticities of
Basho: ALL frogs jump.

Believing you have
The answer(s) to countless wrongs,
How clueless you are.

To see what is there
Climb a tall tree at field’s edge.
The center moves on.

To think is to walk
A taut tightrope across the
Abyss in the dark.

To think is to bridge
The abyss. Balance results
By moving ahead.

Matter matters and
Matters matter. O how little
Verbs differ from nouns.

Plato could never
Make up his mind. He did not
Have to. Truth unfolds.

Will man prevail? Does
He want to? Does it matter?
The odds look quite odd.

How to find jurors
To try peerless persons by
A jury of peers

WORDS count and replace syllables:
An experiment in framing thoughts and questions
By the form of HAIKU:

Common decency is a standard
Expression while common excellence is seen as
A contradiction in terms. Why?

Statecraft is built on perfidy,
Priest craft on outright deception: combined they
Hold the mind hostage. Freedom good-bye.

Prometheus did
Invent matchsticks. Scientists
Collect the royalties.

A hai-ku a day
Keeps the doctors away if
You know what to say.

Discourse is hybrid; toxic
And noxious proscribed.

Leave all resentment
To others. Philosophy
Thrives once it’s contained.

To be a mole but
Not have mole-intellect
Serves Intelligence.

Say do the stars shine
When nobody looks? Yes and
They keep up the show.

How to distinguish
Expression and explosion?
Form only can tell.

Pebbles and gems must
Be sorted by those who
Do know the difference.