Haiku ~ June ~ July ~ August ~ 03

Fleet nimble feet touch
The earth lightly leaving no
Trace on time’s sand.

To unite with the
Godhead is not my great wish.
All grass blades hum hymns.

Styles of closure may
Vary. Commentary, thanks
Be to God, moves on.

Know dead center of
Life’s river a grain of sand
Is riding the gale.

I see, you say, but
Do you when all is said and
Done? Blind is the light.

Hit the delete key,
Say done and feel closure. Where
Is last winter’s snow?

The dialectic
Does not solve conflicts. Tensions’
Pain propels onward.

Museums filled with
Rusty locks. Keys stored away.
The hearts of the rich.

Chance presides over
Loosing and winning. Grace does
Not here interfere.

This is a very
Hard saying to understand.
Light a match and burn.

God is severe and
Benign wishing the best for
His children at times.

Memory, mother
Of all the Muses, reminds
Us not to forget.

Computer logic
Spells democracy’s secret.
All zeros count.

You’re spinning the thread.
Others will do the weaving.
Penelope waits.

Welcome home, he’ll say
When I knock at the door. A
Gap marks the threshold.

Words make laws and wars
While cheap consolation hides
Ferocity’s facts.

Some dancers give form
To movement in time and save
It from the abyss.

Dance arabesques move
Across voids where the rapids
Of time do not flow.

Leda’s swan sports two
Sets of wings. One to constrain
And one to fly high.

One rape. Double twins.
Castor and Pollux . Helen
And Clytemnestra.

Ignominy is
Glory’s other face as joy
Is of deep sorrow.

Dear Lord
To you I pray
And hope that you one day,
One evening, not far off
Will smile at me and
Dear child once gone astray
Come home now newly clothed
In timelessness’ array. Obey.
The night gives way to light
Get up and stay.

Sophia Loren
In Leda’s role: Would she want
To say no to Zeus?

Women give birth in
No man’s land. The fatherland
Then owns the children.

In the stalemate of
Law’s and Poverty’s might:

(Die Setzung ist die
Satzung. Der Streit ist zwischen
Der Not and dem Recht.)

Goethe’s elves know to
Bring ease to saints and sinners
In Faust two, act one.

Goethe’s elves do not
Judge but carry afflictions.
Simone, keep smiling!